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Help Others 

Our mission is to have a place where people in need can go when they need it and help them be more comfortable with mental health.

Raise Awareness

To spread mental health awareness, so we can create a safe and welcoming environment for everyone. We are trying to break the stigma around mental health that is causing it to be an avoided topic, although it is a much-needed discussion. More awareness of mental health can help those in trouble. Many people at the age of adolescent, or even at the age of adulthood, are not aware of mental health and its impacts and troubles. This makes the people around them who are struggling feel lonely, isolated, and by themselves.  You are not alone.


What is mental health?

Mental health is our emotional, psychological and social health status. It influences how we do things in life, including how we think, feel and act. It also affects how we deal with stress, connect with others and make decisions. Mental health is an essential and serious topic which happens at every stage of life from childhood to adulthood. 
Some factors that affect your mental health can be pressures from others, like your parents or other people around you. Some could be due to different beliefs, and also can be biological factors caused by trauma or abuse. 


First, you must educate yourself. It is important to understand  information around mental health, and you can do so through our website. Then, with a new level of awareness, you will be able to initiate discussions with others. Get involved in activities that promote mental health awareness, and most importantly, do not promote myths around mental health, and speak up to dismiss any stigma that is being spread.


When a friend or family member opens up to you about their struggles, it is necessary to listen to their problems and validate their feelings and thoughts. If you are ever concerned about their safety, then it is vital to find a mental health professional or school counselor who can help effectively.

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